The Department of Statistics is responsible for the collection, compilation, storage and analysis of data to enhance evidence-based decision making at all levels. Quality data is important for planning and informed decision making as it contributes to monitoring and evaluation of development programs.


the department aspires to provide reliable and responsive statistical services for good governance and development, especially at the District level.



  • Collect compile, store and analyze data based on standardized formats developed by GSS
  • Provide inputs for the preparation of the Assembly’s budget
  • Generate the data requirements of the Assembly on all departments for planning purposes
  • Monitor statistical enquiries/surveys within the District
  • Disseminate and publish statistical data based on guidelines developed by GSS
  •  Promote Statistical Literacy and Research
  •  Advice the district assembly on all matters relating to statistics
  • Respond to data request by clients (Institutions and Individuals)


1.    Field Operations Unit

2.    Data Entry and Analysis Unit