District Planning & Coordinating Unit


  • The District Planning & Coordinating Unit is responsible for providing leadership in the planning, implementation and evaluation of development projects and programmes in the Assembly.
  • Prepare Annual Action Plan for the Assembly. The Annual Action Plan outlines various activities, projects and programmes which are tied with costed budget to be implemented on yearly bases. These are submitted by the Departments in the Assembly which are input-solicited from the community members themselves.
  • Investigate emerging developments, opportunities and make recommendation for their inclusion in future development planning and economic policy formulation.
  • Prepare Medium Term Development Plan (MTDP). The MTDP guides the Assembly to achieve its vision and mission in every four-years. It contains programmes and projects of communities in which the District Assembly serves, which reflect the aspiration and the felt-needs of the communities with its correspondent budget in a prioritized manner.
  • Prepare Annual and Quarterly Progress Reports to the National Development Planning Commission, a body mandated by the constitution to advice government on national developmental issues in Ghana. The Reports help the government to monitor and evaluate progress made by various Assemblies in the country. It also helps to identify challenges, achievements and potential of the Assemblies and how to resolve them.