Ghana Landscape Restoration and Small Scale Mining Project (GLRSSMP)

The Ghana Land Restoration and Small-Scale Mining (GLRSSMP) Project is a joint World Bank and Government of Ghana project under an IDA credit facility. This project was earlier proposed as the Ghana ASM Formalisation Project (GASMFP) with the objective of formalising the ASM sector, promoting sustainable ASM practices and building institutional capacity of institutions to manage ASM operations.

In order to build synergies for institutional collaboration and data sharing and show enhanced results, the World Bank merged the Landscape Restoration Project of the EPA under the policy direction of the ministry of environment science, technology and innovation (MESTI) with the Ghana ASM Formalisation Project of the MLNR into the GLRSSMP.

The project development objective of the GLRSSMP is “To strengthen integrated natural resource management and increase benefits to communities in the targeted degraded savannah and cocoa landscapes”. The project will focus on the following core interventions;

restoration of degraded lands for agricultural productivity;

strengthening sustainable management of forest landscapes for biodiversity conservation and ecosystem services;

formalization of illegal ASM for sustainable mining; and

land use planning for integrated landscape management to optimize land use to land characteristics.